• Have Someone Hard To Shop For?
  • Want To Send A Gift That Shows You Are Proud Of Your Wyoming Roots?
  • Do You Have Friends Or Relatives Who Have Moved Out Of State And Need To Send A Gift To Them?
  • Want To Send A Gift Basket With More Than One Company’s Product?
  • Need To Send A Wyoming Welcome Or Thanks To A Business Client?
  • Want To Send A Western Themed Gift Basket?

SnJ Brand can fulfill your gift needs. We are a local Laramie, Wyoming company which offers an Assortment of truly Made In Wyoming products from different companies in Big Wonderful Wyoming. Our Western Themed Gift Baskets are unique. SnJ Brand obtains jerky, granola, beef sticks, coffee, cheese, jam, honey, candy, pancake mixes, hot sauces, crackers, Chugwater Chili, bandanas, notecards, coffee mugs, dog treats, lotions, balms, soap, stained glass, metallic resin sculptures, keychains and decals from select businesses that produce them here in Wyoming and offer these items in our gift baskets.

Our gift baskets reflect what made Wyoming GREAT.

  • The Pioneers who pulled their wagons across the Oregon, Bozeman, Mormon, California and Overland Trails in Wyoming.
  • The Settlers who homesteaded and eked out a living on the Wyoming plains, mountains and deserts.
  • The Ranchers who raised millions of cattle and sheep across Wyoming’s large expanses.
  • The Cowboys who are the true spirit of Wyoming.
  • The Frontier Women who made Wyoming the Equality State.
  • The Prospectors who searched out Wyoming’s vast mineral wealth.

We don’t use simple cardboard boxes or chintzy reed baskets stuffed with shredded paper or Styrofoam peanuts. We use unique containers for our gift baskets which can be enjoyed long afterwards and use recyclable Wyoming newspapers as packaging.

You can also add additional items to the baskets, such as used horseshoes (hang above the door for good luck), old railroad spikes (a good door stop), cowboy spurs with straps or a replica frontier oil lamp (functional and conversation pieces). Go to our SHOP Page to Add these Items.


Railroad Spikes

Spurs & Straps

Oil Lantern

We can ship these anywhere in the country for you from Laramie, Wyoming.

Our Baskets and Items INCLUDE Shipping, Handling and any Applicable Taxes, so the Price you see is the Total Cost.
We Ship our Packages via FedEx and USPS Priority and they should arrive in 2-4 Days.

Contact us for local prices on the gift baskets that are not shipped.

We offer these pre-filled baskets in our SHOP Page, which you can also customize and add additional products to:

Cowboy Basket Rancher Basket Settler Basket

Equality Basket Prospector Basket

Or, be a PIONEER and make your own basket from the assorted products and containers. If you wish to only purchase products and not a container, we will enclose the items in a burlap feed sack before packaging the box with recyclable Wyoming newspapers.

Baers Jam The Bunnery Oatmeal The Bunnery Granola Mixes The Bunnery Pancake Mixes Cathy Hendrix Bandanas Cheyenne Coffee Chugwater Chili Cowtown Candy Jackalope Paw Turtle Cowtown Chocolate Hot Tamn's Sauces Mild Medium Hot Indianpaintbursh Seeds JBS Wild Wyoming Notecards Donells Candies Mint Patties Donells Candies Sampler Box Magpie Potion Lip Balm Magpie Potions Balms Mountain Song Soap Queen Bee Honey WY Authentic Products Jerky Wyoming Memories 2021 Zaps Cheese Queen Bee Gardens Honey Sticks Johnny Midnite Steak Sauce Queen Bee Honeymoon Caramels Wahoo Chokecherry Syrup WY Products Beef Bites Hot Tamn's Snack Mix WY Products Beef Sticks WY Soap Company Goat Milk Soap Mittens Goat Milk Moisturizer Red Bison Studio Coffee Mug Elk Antler Dog Chew Whiting Tail Waggers Dog Treats Kelly Buchanan Stained Glass Feathers WyHOMEing Decals Buffalo Sculpture Key Chains Horseshoes Replica Lantern Railroad Spikes Spurs & Straps SnJ Brand Shopping Bag SnJ Brand Feed Sack Lariat Basket Lariat Platter Basket Lariat Oval Basin Basket Egg Basket Container Prosector Pan Wash Basin Container Wash Tub Container lightbox images galleryby VisualLightBox.com v6.1
We proudly offer products made in Wyoming from:

If you are interested in seeing a complete line of items offered by each company, please visit their websites. SnJ Brand carries only some of their items for our gift baskets.

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